Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thoughtful Baby Shower Gifts

New Moms definitely need a lot of things for their new baby..so it is always best to give something thoughtful on baby shower that they can really use and appreciate too..below are some options just to give you an idea

1) Make a basket full of useful small things (like receiving blanket, diapers, wash clothes, rattles, teething toys, baby bottles etc.

2) Consider going with others for larger gifts like stroller, crib, car seat etc..

3) Simple gifts like photo frames, portable bedding or small pillowcases makes a excellent gifts too( Bed sheets for babies come in range of cartoons and themes )

4) Parents love to record every first moment of their baby so a cute photo album or a memory book will make a great gift .

5) Make a bath kit with baby tub and filling it with all the essentials like baby shampoo, a mild soap, soft washcloth, hooded towel, a bright yellow rubber ducky/bath toys, baby comb and brush and finish it with bottle of bubble bath for MOM.

6)Baby monitors are also a comforting for new parents if child is sleeping in another room.New options include motion sensors that sound an alarm if baby hasn''t moved in certain period time and video monitors which parents let see and hear their babies.

7) Breast pump also makes a great gift for new mom

If this information is helpful or you like to share your ideas please leave a comment below..Enjoy:)

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