Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New & Interesting uses of Pillowcases

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You can use a pilllow case in many ways than usual , Below are some great ways to recycle/reuse a pillow case or you can even buy a pillow case for very cheap in any thrift stores too..

1)Store your bed linens INSIDE the matching pillowcase! Put the set of sheets right inside a case and store it on a shelf. That way you know what color sheets are there and you’ll have the whole set ready to go

2)When packing, include an empty pillowcase in your luggage to separate clean clothes from dirty ones. The pillowcase takes up minimal space, but keeps you organized on the return journey. You can also use pillowcases to separate shoes from clothing inside your luggage.

3) Use it as a laundry bag to wash delicates inside the pillow case

4)Make seat cushions for patio furniture, wooden chairs, boat seats

5)You can sew two together-length wise, leave a hole in the top seam for a hanger and use as a dust protector for storing winter coats, dresses, etc.

6)Line the bottom of your dresser drawers.

7)Open them up and give them to the kids, they’ll make super hero capes and build forts and all that fun stuff.

8)Use as linen to cover inside of wicker basket.

Please share any other ways you use your pillowcase in comment area..Enjoy:)


  1. very nice tips ..I liked first one most.. It can be done to have a organized shelf.Thanks

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